Datain delivered to Promis Centre

Datain was delivered to Promis Centre’s Continuous Drug Manufacturing process line. All measurements along with metadata and operator observations are stored in one place. Datain also allows easy implementation of control routines for the continuous manufacturing process.    

HPC in the cloud – how to unblock the bottlenecks

Tomi Huttunen gave a talk about using the Cloud for large scale simulations at the SIMPRO-SCarFace Joint Seminar in Vaasa, Finland. Kuava simpro2013 11_13 from Tomi Huttunen

Datain delivered to fine particle and aerosol technology Laboratory

Kuava has delivered Datain to FINE-laboratory in the University of Eastern Finland. The delivered system consists of Datain and tailored data acquisition components. The FINE (Fine Particle and Aerosol Technology) -laboratory is focused on aerosols and high temperature processes. The main research areas are combustion processes and their emissions, nanoparticle synthesis methods, bioaerosols and aerosol […]

Waveller Cloud in AES 51 audio conference

Waveller Cloud is a key component in ”Practical Procedure for Large Scale Personalized Head Related Transfer Function Acquisition”  a paper presented in Audio Engineering Society’s Conference on Loudspeakers and Headphones in Helsinki. The work was a collaboration between Nokia and Kuava.

HPC in spatial hearing simulations

Kuava participated in HPC Experiment to demonstrate the benefits of High Performance Computing as a Cloud service. You can download the case study reporting the benefits and challenges of simulating spatial heading with HPC in the cloud: HPC Experiment round 2. Read more about Waveller Cloud.

Fast computation of acoustic simulations using Waveller Cloud presented in ICA

Cloud computing can be used for fast computation of large-scale acoustic problems shows a study presented in International Congress of Acoustics in Montreal. The work is a collaboration between Aalto University, Nokia and Kuava.  

Yazzoom BVBA partnership

In September 2011 Kuava Oy formed a partnership with Yazzoom BVBA from Belgium to distribute each others services and technologies and to realize customer projects together. Dr. Ir. Jan Verhasselt, managing director of Yazzoom BVBA, comments: ”This partnership allows both companies to offer a broader range of expertise and services to their customers. The computer […]

Ultrasound surgery on Prisma Studio

Kuava CEO Matti Malinen and R&D director Tomi Huttunen talk about developing ultrasound surgery with simulations on Prisma Studio, a science program on Finnish national TV. The program is available from the YLE Areena in Finland. Ultrasound surgery is discussed in the show starting at 18:30.

Drying simulator to Metso Paper

Kuava Ltd delivered a paper drying simulator to Metso Paper Ltd. The simulator is used for exploring the mechanical properties of paper in the paper machine drying section. The multi physical material model of the simulator enables accurate and robust prediction of mechanical phenomena occurring in the drying section.


Kuava is specialised in high tech engineering solutions for product and process R&D. Read more about our Products, Services and Clients:


Kuava is specialised in high tech engineering solutions for product and process R&D. Read more about our Products, Services and Clients: